Bargain shopping again. 14 comments

The Rangers went shopping at the Goodwill store again. This time they picked up twos pitcher and an outfielder.

Pitchers Shelby Miller and Jeanmar Gomez signed deals with Texas. Miller’s is a major league deal and he is expected to go into the Rangers rotation. Gomez’s is a minor league deal. He should make he club as a reliever.

The outfielder is Danny Santana, a great name for a 70s private investigator.

Shelby Miller.

Miller is right-handed and, like rotation mates Edinson Volquez, Drew Smyly and Lance Lynn, had Tommy John surgery, his in 2017. He came back at the end of 2018 to start four games for the Diamondbacks, going 0-4, a non-typo 10.96 ERA, a WHIP which his agent is trying to get injunctions against printing of 2.00, and an opponent’s average against of .343. His numbers were actually worse than Matt Moore’s.

On the positive side, though, there is literally no place for Miller to go but up.

Jeanmar Gomez.

Gomez has pitched in nine seasons, the first three as a starter with Cleveland, the last six out of the pen with Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and the Chicago White Sox. In twenty-six middle-relief appearances with Chicago in 2018, he racked up a 4.68 ERA. In 2016, he was the closer for the Phillies, saving thirty-seven games. He appears to be targeted for the Rangers bullpen.

Danny Santana

Santana has played in parts of five big league seasons, mostly outfield, all three positions. In 2014 he was seventh in Rookie of the Year voting while with the Twins, when he hit .319. He never got much momentum after that. The right-hander hit 179 for Atlanta last year and is averages six homers and 45 RBIs per season. He signed a minor league deal.

The Rangers picked up depth. Not much width.