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The Rangers have started to click.

Power, great starting pitching, a non-caving-in bullpen, Elvis paying attention, no Leonys Martin, power. All the ingredients for winning games.

Four wins in a row.

They were sort of being cocky in their post-game interviews. I saw swagger. I heard them talking about how this is the team they knew they had, this is who they are, this is the Texas Rangers, yadda yadda yadda. And I thought, well, wait a second, there’s that one little matter we cannot forget.

It’s called April.

You cannot erase your past. Especially when it is so infamous.

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“Wait, why aren’t you going to hire me at the day care center?” Oh, yeah, I murdered that one guy.

“Wait, why won’t you marry me?” Oh, yeah, I cheated on you six times. That you know of.

So, while I am thrilled the Rangers have four wins in a row, and thrilled that on this road trip they don’t look like the 2014 Rangers, I am not going to get too carried away.

This is still the 2015 Rangers. To quote that old Three Dog Night song from the 70s, “I have piece of April, it’s a morning in May.” Those pieces of April are shrapnel, and they are lodged in my brain.

So before you print playoff tickets, Texas Rangers in particular Elvis Andrews, we know about April. We saw what you did.

I will be pragmatic here. It’s going to take career years from about five hitters to make this team serious contenders. It’s going to take continued domination from this rag tag starting staff. It’s going to take the bullpen being what it was the last four days and not the first four weeks.

It’s going to take a whole lot of great baseball on your end, Texas Rangers, to wash away those memories of April. It took a whole lot of Jack Daniels on my end.

At least the Rangers are headed in the right direction.