Best of the best.

Brilliant again: Kyle Gibson strikes out seven and allows only one earned run in 5.2 innings.

The Rangers lost a winnable game. Both teams tried to give it away with walks and errors. But in the end, Seattle was the last team standing.

The story, though, was that Kyle Gibson had another dominating start. He was the victim of the pitch count and fell one out short of another quality start, and then ended up not getting the win when his bullpen blew the save.

Despite all that, Gibson is making a real case for a Cy Young run. Not to mention starting for the American League in the All-Star Game. Not to mention having the finest season in Texas Rangers history for a starting pitcher.

With one earned run in 5.2 innings, the thirty-three-year-old right-hander dropped his ERA to 1.98. That leads the league. (Second is Lance Lynn with 2.00. Imagine what this team could have been if it ever tried to win.)

The Rangers have rarely had a pitcher that is having a season like Gibson’s. This is the franchise’s fiftieth year in Arlington. They have had only nine starting pitchers put up ERAs under 3.00. Here is the complete list:

Notice the Rangers have had just three sub-3.00 ERA seasons in the past thirty-eight seasons. It’s a blinding glimpse of the obvious to say pitching has not been the strong suit of the Texas Rangers.

What Gibson is doing is historic. His is on his way to having the finest season any Texas Rangers starter has ever had. And, to be clear, there are some pretty good names on that list, and a few really sterling seasons. 

And the 2021 season of Kyle Gibson is the best of the best so far.