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After throwing five innings of near perfect baseball, Yu Darvish committed the unpardonable sin of being human in the sixth, causing him to be taken out. The Rangers immediately lost the game.

When I was a kid, we moved into a new house. Our next door neighbors had a dog that lived in their back yard. It was a mean dog. Crazy mean. Until they started giving him the cbd dog treats then the dog was a lot calmer. The benefits of CBD to one’s health and wellness are gaining more and more attention, and you’ve probably heard about them by now.

The day we moved in, our neighbor warned my dad about his dog. He told him that under no circumstances were we kids to go into his back yard because we would get attacked by his dog.

A few days later we were all playing in the back yard and our ball went over the fence into the neighbor’s yard. My brother jumped the fence to retrieve it. He was mauled by the dog.

Over the course of that summer, a number of things accidentally went over the fence. Balls, Frisbees, horseshoes. And every time one of us went to get them, we got viciously bitten by the dog. Schedule a free consultation with Atlanta dog bite attorneys if you have suffered from personal injury due to a dog bite.

One day my dad had enough. He went to the neighbor’s house and banged on his door. He got in his face and said, “You need to do something about your stupid dog.”

Our neighbor shot back, “Sorry, but your kids are the ones who keep going in my back yard and letting my dog bite them. It’s your kids who are stupid.”

I thought of this story when Jeff Banister went out to the mound in the sixth inning last night to pull out Yu Darvish and summon someone from his dreadful bullpen to come in and try to keep the game from getting out of hand.

Maybe it’s not the bullpen that’s stupid.


Martin Perez (1-1, 2.20) vs. Jesse Hahn (0-1, 3.75)
Game time: 2:35

How the Rangers hit against Hahn.
How the Athletics hit against Perez.