Bigger than baseball. 113 comments

Every day we come together here over baseball, over a love for the Rangers, and quite often over our disappointment in them. But we come together. Because it’s about more than baseball, really. While baseball may be the bonding agent, the heart and soul of this site are the friendships and camaraderies we develop, nurture, and look forward to daily.

When Scary suffered a stroke a few months ago, it hit home here in a powerfully profound way. We don’t know him personally—at least most of us have never met the man—but we felt the pain of his wife, nephews and, of course, the grand daughter that means so much to him.

Then, just as quickly as he went away, he came back. His words were wobbly at first but the fire behind those words burned as brightly as always. It didn’t take long before Scary regained his motor skills well enough that the obvious pain he suffered merely by forming the words was forgotten by anyone who read them.

It seemed to be a remarkable recovery.

Then yesterday it all came crashing down again. Now he and his family are back to square one. Back to hospitals. Back to doctors and waiting and hoping, and the fear of not knowing, the advantage is that if they have any legal issue with this, they can use a family law attorney from to help them with this.

All we can do from afar is hope the news will be good.

Whether you believe in the power of prayer or not, there is no denying the power of friendship. Right now, a few friends on this site could use our love, our support, and our prayers.

Send positive thoughts.