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Ranger on 3rd: Elvis Andrus hits a bases-loaded triple to punctuate a seven-run eighth inning against the White Sox.

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Coming into the season, the Rangers offense was supposed to be its strength. Everyone knew the pitching was going to keep the team down.

But the offense struggled mightily out of the gate. Nobody could hit. The Rangers racked up ten or more strikeouts nightly. Scoring runs was harder than Chinese arithmetic.

Then the switch was flipped on.

It took the Rangers thirty-three games before they scored double-digits in runs, in an 11-3 win against Boston on May 3.

Suddenly, this team is a scoring machine. With eleven runs Friday and thirteen yesterday.

It’s the big inning that’s doing it for them

Last night, a seven-run eighth turned a close 6-4 lead into a blowout.

The Rangers registered thirteen hits.  With only seven strikeouts. Everyone in the starting lineup got a hit or two. It was a total team effort and a bullying of White Sox pitching.

And, with yesterday’s victory, the Rangers have now won five consecutive series, beating Colorado, Kansas City, Minnesota, San Diego and Chicago.

Baseball is back.


Reynaldo Lopez (3-5, 3.73) vs. Cole Hamels (4-6, 3.61)
Game time: 2:05

How the White Sox hit against Hamels.
How the Rangers hit against Lopez.