Building confidence.

Josh Smith connects for a three-run homer against the Guardians.

Spring games mean nothing. Most of the positions are already filled. Most of the decisions are already made. It’s just guys getting the chance to try on Rangers uniforms.

All in all, it sure is fun to watch players wearing Rangers uniforms bang out twenty-seven hits. As a reminder, the Rangers had the major league’s worst offense in 2021. 

Twenty-seven hits. Twenty-five runs. They did in a day yesterday what took them a month last year. 

Guys fighting for respectability, and a job, had a good day. Willie Calhoun picked up four hits. Andy Ibañez, two, along with three stellar defensive plays. Josh Smith, who came over in the Joey Gallo deal, went 2-for-3 with a monster home run that really started the beat down. He’s a middle infielder who, if he had twenty more games like this in spring, has zero chance of winning a spot at middle infield for the next six years. It’s highly doubtful he unseats Corey Seager or Marcus Semien. Left field, maybe. Hopefully. 

Of course, the Rangers pitching gave up twelve runs. They were that philanthropic last year as well. And, by all accounts, will be generous this year, too.

At this point, though, stats don’t matter. Outcomes don’t matter. Records don’t matter.

But it could be important for some guys to build up a bit of swagger. 

Swagger matters.