Bullpen resurgence.

New Rangers closer Rafael Montero is three for three in save opportunities.

Bullpens are fickle. 

It’s hard enough to find a rotation that’s effective. A team is lucky if it has three quality starters, let alone five. Then there’s the bullpen. What are reliever but failed starters. 

So, if a team cannot find enough talent to stretch across a rotation, how are they supposed to stretch that little bit of secondary talent across a bullpen?

That’s why bullpens are unreliable. At times they are lights out. At times they are instant heart attacks.

The first part of the season, the Rangers bullpen was a mess. But after some trial and error and well-timed injury, it seems the bullpen is now in order.

The eighth and ninth innings are on lock down now. Jonathan Hernandez and Rafael Montero have solidified the bullpen. 

Hernandez has appeared in eight games, winning two, without a blown save, striking out fourteen with just four walks. Montero has appeared in three games and has three saves. He hasn’t given up a run yet. Or a hit. Or a baserunner. He’s been perfect.

Who knows how long this will last. But you ride it as long as you can. Until the next ones come along.


Taijuan Walker (1-2, 5.79) vs. Jordan Lyles (1-1, 5.56)