Bullpen troubles. 85 comments



John Smoltz brought it up during last night’s game. Something the Rangers saw all summer long.

The more you run relievers out, the more you risk them having a bad night. Even with good relievers. It’s just human nature. Nobody is perfect, unless your name is Andrew Miller.

The Dodgers have been getting away with murder all year by running Joe Blanton out of the bullpen. Like a game of Russian roulette, it was just a matter of time before he went off. He is the Jenga of relievers.

And the more they run him out there, the more likely the whole pile is going to collapse in a heaping mess.

Blanton gave up the game-losing grand slam in Game 1 of the Championship Series. And he gave up the game-losing home run in Game 5.

These bullpen games that managers are utilizing so often in the post-season are a disaster waiting to happen, especially when the bullpen isn’t all that trustworthy to begin with.

It’s happened twice for the Dodgers.

One more time and their season is over.