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Jon Daniels can’t resist it. He did it with Neftali Feliz. Did it with C. J. Wilson. And Alexi Ogando. And Tanner Scheppers. And Robby Ross.

He can’t resist taking a perfectly effective relief pitcher, try to transform him into a starter and then watch his career crash and burn. The only one who survived was C. J. Wilson.

Why does he do it?

Because it’s cheaper. He doesn’t have to spend the money on a starting pitcher. And because it’s more expedient. Since he is unable to develop a starter on his own, he cherry picks someone in the bullpen and, viola, instant starter.

Trouble is, it leads to the almost instant downfall of most pitchers.

Now Daniels is threatening to ruin the career of Matt Bush. According to an article by Jeff Wilson of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, there are factions within the Rangers brain trust that think Matt Bush can be a starter.

This is a guy who, before this year, had never pitched more than 50.1 innings in a season. This year, combined at Frisco and Texas, he threw 78.2 innings.

As a starter, he would be expected to throw at least twice that amount, more like three times.

That is not practical.

Moving him out of the bullpen would mean the Rangers lose the closest thing they have to an Andrew Miller. If you are going to do anything with Matt Bush, make him the closer.

These are the kinds of things a front office talks about in the off-season when they get desperate for pitching.