Calhoun looks ready. 88 comments


The third Willie Calhoun era got off to a promising start. A game-changing start. Batting second, he homered in his first 2019 plate appearance, putting the Rangers up 2-0, a lead they would never relinquish.

He’s been a player who hasn’t approached the hype. Nor has he approached things with the best attitude, often expressing open frustration about not being handed the starting left field job for the Rangers. He forgot about the concept of earning it. \

They tried giving him a major league uniform. He just wasn’t up to the task of wearing it.

He has whined about not being called up and thrown hissy fits. But finally, he shut up and played baseball. When his time came last night, he took advantage of it.

He ended up going 2-for-5 as the Rangers DH. Since ninety percent of this game is confidence, that should bode well as he is given one more chance to prove he belongs on a major league roster.

But if you want to know how he feels about it, just take a look at the look on his face as he rounded the bases after his home run. it wasn’t the expression one would imagine after hitting a home run in your first at-bat of the season. It wasn’t joy. It wasn’t satisfaction. It wasn’t surprise or relief. It wasn’t the thousands of emotions one might expect in a moment like that.

He rounded the bases with an f-you look. An “I told you I should have been up here all along” look.

The trick is, now let’s see if he can stay here. It’s going to take more than facial expressions.


Lance Lynn (4-3, 5.48) vs. Homer Bailey (4-3, 4.83)
Game time: 12:15