Carter turning heads.

Rangers prospect Evan Carter is having a strong spring.

It’s been a long time since the Rangers had a can’t-miss prospect who did anything but miss.

Right now, they seem to have a bonafide can’t-missed in outfielder Evan Carter. The kid is twenty, and he’s already trying heads in Rangers camp. One of those heads is the head head, Rangers Manager Bruce Bochy.

Bochy was asked by Levi Weaver of The Athletic, “Evan Carter’s not making the opening day roster, right?” Bochy didn’t say yes. But he also didn’t say no. Which is quite a testament to Carter’s talent.

Drafted in 2020, the six-foot, four-inch outfielder from Tennessee has turned himself into a top prospect in just two seasons. Even still, he’s played in six games above A-ball level. Those came at Frisco at the end of 2022. In twenty-eight at-bats, he put up a monstrous OPS of 1.250. That’s elite level at any level. He has a .904 OPS this spring.

Oh, and Carter plays left field and center field. Two positions the Rangers sorely lack and which make the Rangers lineup suspect as a playoff contender.

Still, it’s too early to think about bringing this kid up to the major leagues. Rushing prospects is never a good idea. That usually leads to failure. Which leads to six years of bad baseball. Which the Rangers just suffered through.

But Carter is probably the reason the Rangers didn’t trade the farm for Bryan Reynolds. Yes, Reynolds is an All-Star. And he’s would have been a better left fielder than the Rangers have had for about a decade. But if they believe Carter is the future in left, then plugging in the gap with guys like Robbie Grossman is the way to go.

It’s always tricky talking about a Rangers prospect. The past has not been so kind to them. Let’s hope Evan Carter starts a much-desired trend. A Rangers can’t-miss prospect he doesn’t miss.



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