Texas Rangers

Not enough offense.

This is a glimpse into the next few weeks of Rangers baseball. They need to have a lead of three or more runs heading into the eighth and ninth innings to have a possibility of winning. When they face good pitching, it’s much more difficult. They have seven huge games […]

Scoreboard watching.

Now it comes down to scoreboard watching, which only really matters where your team loses.  The Rangers lost. With only a handful of games left and no margin for error, every loss is monumental.  After winning six in a row, pulling themselves out of a monumental tailspin, including a rare […]


The Texas Rangers announced it is “unlikely” that Max Scherzer will pitch again in 2023. While this news is the opposite of inviting, you might say that unlikely is the ideal word to describe this season. It was unlikely they would land five starters on the All-Star roster. But they […]

More bad luck.

After a while, you have to wonder if the Rangers franchise is cursed. Fans might remember 2011. That still stings. But 2023 might end up stinging more. The Rangers finally had a bona fide ace in Jacob deGrom. He lasted six games. But, they had a backup ace, Nathan Eovaldi. […]

Missing person sighting.

I saw an old friend last night. I hadn’t seen him in ages. We used to hang out all the time. He was so much fun. The life of the party. Told the best jokes. Had the best whiskey. Played the best music. Played all the hits. Everybody loved him. […]

Four big games.

There are 162 games in a season. Right now, only four matter. The next four games will determine whether there is life in the Rangers 2023 season. After giving away the division lead, then giving away their playoff advantage, the Rangers find themselves outside looking in. Looking in from fourth […]

Charity win.

The Rangers certainly aren’t going to hit their way out of it. So, like the have done too many times lately, they scored on a bases loaded wild pitch. It’s one of their most popular base loaded maneuvers. Along with the bases loaded walk, the bases loaded hit by pitch, […]