Character, courage, loyalty, ineptitude.

Even though the Little League World Series ended last week with a team from Michigan winning, Bally Sports interrupted yesterday’s Rangers game by cutting to extended Little League coverage.

Featured was an adorable team from Texas. They displayed all the loveable knucklehead moments you come to expect from Little Leaguers. Pitchers who can’t get the ball over the plate. Players who can’t field the ball. Players who can’t catch the ball. Players who can’t throw the ball. All these charming little guys want to do is get their pants dirty and have orange slices after the game.

It was a comedy of errors these Little Leaguers put on display. In the end, they were credited with four errors—which should have been five but the dad of one of the players was the official score keeper so he didn’t give his son an error—three by their adorable first baseman, two on one play. That poor little guy just couldn’t seem to figure anything out. 

In the end, the little dudes from Texas lost to the team from Colorado 9-5. Those spark plugs showed a lot of moxie and gumption but sometimes that’s not enough. You need to learn how to play the game.