Class in session.

The learning period continues for Emmanuel Clase, who gave up three runs in the eighth to pick up the loss.

“There’s some learning that’s happening. It’s just slower to translate to the field.”

“The next step is learning how to not miss that pitch.”

“These are moments we have to learn from. We’re not going to play too many winning games if we continue to make those mistakes.”

“We have to learn from all this.”

Chris Woodward talked a lot about learning yesterday. For the first half of the season he seemed to mostly talk about process. But when the process isn’t materializing on the field, it’s frustrating. And he is a frustrated man.

The season started out well enough. He got this dollar-store team with a duct tape rotation and a pop gun offense off to an amazing start.

But reality set in and the Rangers second half has been a mess. A 12-22 record overall, 3-9 in their last four series, and an embarrassing four-game sweep at home. And it only gets harder from here.

You have to feel for Chris Woodward. He is standing at the chalkboard teaching his heart out. It’s not sinking in.

The season from here on out will be graded on a curve. It’s not the AP-level courses. It will be the remedial classes. 



Dillon Peters (3-1, 3.38) vs. Kolby Allard (1-0, 4.50)

Game time: 7:05