Closer battle.

So, who is the best closer in the game?

And, who is lucky to still have a job?’s Will Leitch asked that question. His top 30 closers list came out yesterday.

Jose Leclerc came in twenty-seventh. Out of thirty. “He fell off the table right after signing a contract extension, but he recovered a bit down the stretch. But his job is far from certain.”

But that means nothing. Closers are a fickle bunch. Unstoppable one year. Unable to record an out the next. Look at who came in dead last: Wade Davis. He was all everything for a few seasons. Now?

As Leitch puts it: “How far can a closer fall, and how fast? In 2015, Davis was the most unstoppable relief weapon in baseball. He was an All-Star in 2016, and 2017. He was passable in 2018 … and maybe the worst pitcher imaginable in 2019. (He had an 8.65 ERA … in 50 games!)”

The Rangers just aren’t getting any love from the prognosticators.  Actually, that’s a great position to be in. No one expects you to be good, so if you are bad, that’s what they expected. 

The Rangers could be in huge trouble. Or they could be in the best of situations.

Nobody know anything.