In fair territory, in the way.

There will be a Game 7 today. In one of the weirdest World Series ever, the home team has lost every game.

So, now it comes down to a one-game shoot out with Max Scherzer on the mound for Washington and Zack Greinke on the mound for Houston.

It’s been a great series for both teams. It hasn’t been a great series for the umpires. Game 5 was noted for so many missed calls behind the plate. Game 6, for one of the most bizarre calls at first. But it was, however, the right call, according to the letter of the law posted on this legal news blog.

The umpire, Sam Holbrook, ruled that the runner, Trey Turner, obstructed the fielder, Yuri Guriel, from making a play on him at first. 

As clumsy as it seems, the runner has to run in the running lane on the right of the first base line. It’s been that way forever. It’s not a new ruling or an interpretation of a ruling. That’s the rule. It rears its ugly head from time to time. This time, it was at the most critical time in Game 6. 

Had Turner run to first in the running lane, and then at the last moment, stepped on first like he was supposed to, chances are that the exact same outcome would have happened. The throw from the Astros pitcher Brad Peacock would probably have still been too far to the foul side of first base and made it impossible for his fielder to catch it. 

But the fact that Turner was not in the running lane made it his fault, not the throw’s fault. 

To make matters worse, the runner at first, who in any case would have easily made it to second, was sent back to first because of interference. 

Of course, a lot of yelling ensued. 

The entire incident was reminiscent of Game 5 of the Rangers Championship Series in 2016 with Toronto when the Blue Jays’ catcher’s throw back to the pitcher hit the knob of Shin-Soo Choo’s bat and ricocheted far away, allowing Rougned Odor to score from third. That triggered a lot of yelling as well. But that, too, was the right call. 

Last night, one batter later, Anthony Rendon belted a two-run homer to make the entire thing irrelevant. 

And, to make sure there would be a one-game, winner-take-all shootout tonight.


Zack Greinke vs. Max Scherzer
Game time: 7:07 on FOX