Spring training is less than one month away and most teams have not released a report day.

The Rangers are one of those teams. All they list is TBA. Like it or not, COVID is going to have a huge impact on the 2021 season. And unless baseball operates in the rigidly controlled bubble it did last season, which they haven’t committed to, then baseball fans can expect a season with even more disruptions than last season.

It’s happening in the NBA, in the NHL, in college basketball. It happened last season, though it was brought under control. The pandemic is worse, though, now than it was then. Add to that fewer controls rather than more and you see a season on the brink of disaster.

Teams haven’t announced report dates because they realize it’s going to be a mess. They’ve announced another season of seven-inning double headers and starting extra innings with a runner at second.

It’s going to be another long, difficult year. And that’s not even taking into account watching the Rangers finish in last again.