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The Rangers bullpen has lost its fair share of games. In fact, it’s the second worst bullpen in the American League. It’s lost more than its fair share of games.

The Ranger defense has lost its fair share of games as well. In fact, they have the second worst fielding percentage in the major leagues.

Both aspects of the game have been lacking.

Last night’s win came on the shoulders of the defense and the bullpen. Phil Klein had a strong start as well, winning his first ever start, but starting pitching has not been the issue in 2015.

The bullpen has been a different story.

Don’t look now, though, but the Rangers bullpen has suddenly thrown 10 2/3 innings in a row without giving up a run. In fact, they have been perfect for three games in a row. Maybe it’s the law of averages. Or maybe the right solutions are revealing themselves to Jeff Banister.

Whatever the case, ever since Banister informed the bullpen there are no set roles, they are, literally, pitching for their jobs.

Last night, Shawn Tolleson’s role was closer. He bent, but didn’t break, throwing a brilliant change up that died at home, taking the Red Sox hitters down with it.

Good thing for Tolleson and the Rangers, Hanley Ramirez was the batter with two outs and two on. He walked up to the plate with zero RBIs in the month of May. He returned back to the dugout with zero RBIs in the month of May.

Delino DeShields played some legitimately amazing defense in left, made even more special since this was his first ever game versus the Green Monster. DeShields was impeccable, playing caroms to perfection. In center, Leonys Martin took away a couple of would-be-crippling doubles. Not to be outdone, Chin-Soo Choo made a remarkable diving catch in right field to save a double and save a run.

The Rangers are now just one game above .500 in May. But if this bullpen is indeed sorted out, a huge hole in the side of the boat has been plugged.




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