Okay, so the Rangers have brought back Delino DeShields.


What does DeShields bring to the table that they cannot get with what they already have in backup outfielders.

Yes, he has some speed. But what good does base running ability do if you cannot get on base? He has limited offensive skills. He’s not particularly good on defense. And he doesn’t have that great of an arm.

What the Rangers don’t have, though, is depth they can count on. That’s where DeShields comes in handy.

Sure, the outfield seems pretty set with Dahl in left, Taveras in center, and Gallo in right. Calhoun and Solak will fight it out for the fourth outfielder and DH role.

But if the Rangers actually go through with their threat of moving Solak to second, then the Rangers outfield gets that much thinner.

Without DeShields, all they have is Eli White and Adolis Garcia. Both unproven.

DeShields isn’t going to set the world on fire. But he wasn’t brought back to do that. Leodys Taveras can’t play every single inning in center. He needs to rest occasionally. That’s what DeShields is for.

He’s a guy who knows his way around center. Don’t expect much more than that.