Dodgers win Game 5, 4-2.

In front of his hometown audience, Clayton Kershaw has dominated in this World Series.

He’s won 175 games.  He’s won three Cy Young awards. He’s won five ERA titles. 

But it was his second World Series win this year that might have been his most important accomplishment.  

The guy who has been beaten down in the media for his post-season failures has earned a large measure of redemption this World Series.  Two games. Two wins. Two-point-three-one ERA.

He also set the all-time record for post-season strikeouts, at 207. Of course, that’s a bit deceiving because until 1968, the most playoff games a player could play in was seven. The only post-season was the World Series.

Now there’s a Wild Card Series. A Division Series. A Championship Series. And a World Series. So, twenty-one potential games. 

It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. 

Now the Dodgers are a win away from their first World Series championship since 1988. 

And Clayton Kershaw is one win away from vindication.