Don’t touch that dial.

Willie Calhoun punched a single into right field in the top of the tenth to score the ghost runner on second, giving th4e Rangers a 4-3 victory.

Assuming you are one of the ten percent of Rangers fans who can actually watch games, don’t turn off the TV.

The Rangers now have nine comeback wins. Six of their last eight games the Rangers have scored the go-ahead runs in the sixth inning or later to turn a defeat into a victory.

While so much credit has to go to the Rangers offense for not packing it in and calling it a day, the real hero here is the bullpen. For not caving in like the Twins pen did, and the Red Sox pen before them.

The Ranger had to create their bullpen on the fly when they lost Leclerc and Hernandez before the season started. 

But this duct-taped bullpen has held up. They have allowed just three runs from the sixth inning on in the six victories in the past two series. It’s not a coincidence that the only game Texas lost in this Minnesota series, the bullpen gave up four runs late.

In those same six victories the Rangers gave up only three runs from the sixth inning on, they scored twenty.

And all of a sudden the Rangers are back to one game under .500. 

More than anything, though, they are fun to watch. Assuming your cable company is willing to pay the exorbitant rights fees Bally Sports is demanding.