Another no-hitter.

Joe Musgrove, Carlos Rodon, Madison Bumgarner, John Means, and Wade Miley have thrown no-hitters this season. So far.

Nobody can hit anymore.

Offense is down this year. Again. It seems like a yearly thing. Look at the bottom ten batting averages:

.204, .206, .207, .215, .219, .223, .225, .226, .226, .226.

Which players are these?

Sorry, trick question. These are the bottom ten teams.

Nobody can hit anymore.

Overall, team batting averages in April of 2021 were the lowest since 1968, which was the worst offensive season in major league history. So bad, they lowered the mound and started drawing up plans for the Designated Hitter.

The on-base percentage across baseball is .308. It hasn’t been that low since 1968. 

There were 6,924 strikeouts in April. And only 5,832 hits. That 1,092 difference is by far the biggest differential ever. It broke the record difference of 705. Actually, it shattered it.

Last night, Cincinnati’s Wade Miley threw the fifth no hitter of 2021. It was the second time the Indians have been no-hit this year. The season is five weeks old.

Baseball is averaging one no-hitter a week. No hitters used to be special. Memorable. Now it’s becoming common place.

You remember your first beer. You don’t remember your twentieth. (Especially if both happened in the same night.)

But now, seeing a runner get a hit is cause for celebration, for a mass team hug.

Because nobody can hit anymore.