Double sixes.

Dodgers 3B Chris Taylor hits the first of three home runs to power LA to an 11-2 Game 5 victory.

Not having a team in the race, it’s nice to see these playoff series go further. As a fan, more games is better.

There will be two Game 6s.

The Braves were unable to close out their series in Los Angeles, getting pounded 11-2 thanks to Chris Taylor and his three home runs, now they have to go back home. And they get to face Max Scherzer and Walker Buehler.

If they are going to win it, they’re going to have to earn it. They have to win only one. But that’s a tall order.

The Astros come back home today, having to win just one as well. But they have the three-games-to-two edge. So, they just have to win one of the next two. Like Los Angeles in the National League, Boston has to win both. 

Hopefully both series go seven. There’s nothing like the drama of a Game 7. Except for the drama of two Game 7s.