Draft, day two.

The MLB draft continued, and concluded, yesterday. The Rangers selected four more players. Report cards for the draft starting to come in.

The team that ended with the worst grade of all from CBS Sports? That would be our very own Texas Rangers, who earned the only D of the thirty teams.  The lowest grade from Bleacher Reports, a C-, also went to the Rangers.

The CBS Sports recap: “The Rangers have a knack for going off the beaten path and they did it again this year. First rounder Justin Foscue can really hit but he came off the board about half-a-round earlier than expected. Second rounder Evan Carter, a high school outfielder from Tennessee, was not among Baseball America’s Top 500 (!) draft prospects. Talk about a surprise pick. Third rounder Tekoah Roby has an interesting enough arm. The Rangers zig when everyone else zags. Nothing wrong with that but it makes it tough to evaluate.”

Sure, it’s just one opinion. But it’s a very unflattering one. And that is of an organization that has not experienced much draft day success. 

But, in fairness and to show how fickle even grading draft picks are, two different writers from Bleacher Report graded the Rangers first-round pick totally different. Joel Reuter gave the Justin Foscue pick a C. Elizabeth Finny gave Texas an A-.

So, nobody knows. 

One thing that is for sure, though, is the industry has been shying away from drafting high school pitchers for a decade because they are too unpredictable, meaning, too risky. On Day Two, the Rangers took high school pitchers. 

The more things stay the same, the more they stay the same. 

Here’s a recap of the Rangers Day Two picks.

With their second pick, the fiftieth overall selection, Texas chose high school outfielder/pitcher Evan Carter, from Elizabethtown High School in Tennessee. 

In round three, with the eighty-sixth overall pick, Texas took Tekoah Roby, a right-handed pitcher out of Pine Forest High School in Pensacola, Florida.

With the one-hundred fifteeth overall pick in the fourth round, Texas selected left-handed pitcher Dylan MacLean of Central Catholic High School in Portland, Oregon.

And in the fifth and final round of the draft, cut short because of the pandemic, with the one-hundred-forty-fifth overall pick, the Rangers took Thomas Saggese, a shortstop from Carlsbad High School in Carlsbad, California.

The MLB Draft is a crap shoot at best. So, it’s hard to tell how any of these players will develop. All we can do is hope the Rangers picked five gems. 

They are in bad need of a draft-day success story.

More to the point, Rangers fans are in bad need of a draft-day success story.

Fingers crossed.