Dunning’s new pitch.

The Rangers may not have gotten the new pitcher they need for their rotation, but in a major story that broke first on TexasRangers.com yesterday, it was reported that Dane Dunning has a new pitch. 

Hey, Rangers fans, take what you can get.

He won’t say what the pitch is. And when he threw it in yesterday’s 5-4 win over Guys In Royals Uniforms, it went a grand total of forty-seven feet before it hit the ground and bounced away. He didn’t try it again in the scoreless inning he threw.

So, to get this straight. The big news out of camp so far is Dane Dunning has a new pitch. It’s a wild pitch that bounces in the dirt about two-thirds of the way home. So, any time this year the strategy calls for a wild pitch, he is mastering it.

Dunning was playing coy with Rangers reporters after the game yesterday, refusing to tell them exactly what this new pitch he is working on is. Nathan Eovaldi thinks it’s some sort of slider.

Welcome to spring training. The Seinfeld of seasons. All about nothing.



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