Matt Duffy.

Spring training is a six-week tease. Its main function was to get starting pitchers built up to go nine innings, going one inning their first start then working up to three their second start, five, then seven, then nine.

That plan was hatched back when starters were expected to go nine. Now, it’s five innings and thank you. But, still, the spring season stretches out to six weeks. 

Spring training is, ostensibly, about seeing who makes the team. But, every year, realistically there are only two or three spots up for grabs. This year, with the Rangers, it might be more. Josh Jung’s and Corey Seager’s injuries open doors for players who might not otherwise make it. 

Jung’s injury was said to be two to three weeks. In real terms, two to three weeks is four to six. Seager is supposed to be ready for opening day. Realistically, that means the second week of the season.

The Rangers signed Matt Duffy in the offseason. He’s a thirty-two-year-old journeyman who’s been with the Giants, Rays, Cubs, Angels, and Royals in his eight big league seasons. In 2015, he was runner up for National League Rookie of the Year. But he’s never really lived up to that since. 

Duffy is a steady glove at third and the very definition of a utility player. He will probably get his chance with Texas because of the injuries to the left side of the Rangers infield. He played for Bruce Bochy, and that usually means a lot to a manager. It gives Duffy a leg up.

Frankly, Duffy is a better choice at third than anyone else the Rangers have on their forty-man roster if Jung isn’t ready to go. 



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