El Sepulturero. 35 comments


Not enough offense. Too much Martin Perez.

We’ve heard that before.

Lately, any Martin Perez is too much Martin Perez. The Rangers have now lost their last nine Perez starts. The last three have been especially brutal, giving up four earned runs, six, and seven.

Just when the Rangers were hoping to see improvement, what they are seeing is the equivalent of the Titanic hitting an iceberg. With every start, Martin Perez’s future in Texas gets less and less likely. Even a homeless man gets tired of digging through the dumpster for food. No team should be that desperate for pitching. Not even the Rangers.

It’s difficult to win when you are constantly down four runs. Friday night was a fluke. Even being gifted opportunity after opportunity on Saturday, the Rangers showed it’s simply too much to expect.

They loaded the bases in the ninth. They had their chance. But you can only dodge so many bullets.

The nickname on Perez’s players weekend jersey was El De Las Matas. The one from Las Matas. As in, Las Matas, Venezuela. It was a nod to the fact that in every bio about him, they say he is from a different town in Venezuela. Seems nobody wants to claim him.

His players weekend nickname should have been El Sepulturero. The Gravedigger. For all the holes he digs. And all the wins he buries.


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