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The results are in. The precincts have been counted.

The Texas Rangers have won their bid for a new closed roof stadium to be built in Arlington by a landslide. In five years, they will move in, by 2021, the club says, maybe even 2020.

This is great news for Rangers fans. Not because we will finally get a place to watch baseball in the summer that isn’t inhospitable and cruel and unusual punishment.

This is good news because the residents of Arlington have just handed the Rangers owners a billion dollars.

When you add that into the enormous windfall of TV money, there can be no reason to cry poverty. There can be no reason to cry financial constraints. There can be no reason to say they don’t have the money.
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They’ve always had the money. If you don’t believe me, answer me this. Last off-season, after Jon Daniels said he had a set budget and he cannot go over spending five million more dollars on players, where did the Rangers find the money to sign Ian Desmond? Where did they find the money for Jonathan Lucroy? Where did they find the money for Carlos Belran? Where did they find the money for Carlos Gomez?

They found the money where they always find the money. In their deep pockets.

And now there is no reason they cannot sign an Edwin Encarnacion. No reason they cannot sign anybody that will help this team win now and into the future.

And when Jon Daniels pleads poverty, please remind him his team has and extra billion dollars coming its way. Yes, much of that is going into building the stadium. But make no mistake, this triggers a flood of cash into the coffers of the owners.

A billion dollars is a lot of money. Daniels would have to sign ten Prince Fielders to burn through that.


Congratulations to Adrian Beltre and Mitch Moreland for winning Gold Glove awards at their respective positions.