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Spring is teaching us one thing about the Rangers. It’s going to be a generous team. They will be philanthropists.

Two more unearned runs yesterday. Twenty-four errors in twenty-two games.

Spring is for fundamentals. Those things don’t seem to be being addressed at Rangers camp. Defense has never been a strong suit of this front office. It’s like Daniels builds his team as if he’s playing fantasy baseball. Offensive stats only.

Let’s hope this is just something they need to get out of their system. We know the corners should be good. Beltre plays gold glove defense. Gallo is pretty solid at first. Up the middle? Odor and Elvis don’t inspire confidence.

Mazara and DeShields are nothing to brag about when it comes to defense, either.

One thing is for certain. The guy who has to figure out ERAs is going to have his work cut out for him this season.