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Wile E. Coyote started chasing Road Runner in the West in Looney Tunes cartoons from Warner Bros beginning in 1948. Over the years, hundreds upon hundreds of episodes were produced.

Every single one of them had the exact same idea: Coyote wanted to catch Road Runner but couldn’t.

That was it.

He tried by using elaborate traps and painting fake doors on sides of mountains and using bombs and land mines and a giant horseshoe magnet and a crossbow and a catapult and a rocket sled and a giant net and a bad bullpen.

But to no avail. Road Runner was too elusive. Coyote could never win.

But, finally, after thirty-two years, in a 1980 cartoon, it happened. Wile E. Coyote captured Road Runner.

In that particular episode, while Coyote was once again chasing Road Runner, they both ran into a long pipe. The animation utilized advanced techniques, including 3d rendering, to bring to life the crazy science of what happened when they came out the other end. Road Runner was normal size but Coyote was Jose Altuve-size.

Since Coyote was so tiny, Road Runner had no idea where he was, so he stopped in his tracks to look for him.


That’s when Coyote clutched his arm around the giant ankle of Road Runner.


But it was short lived. Because Coyote looked up at a gigantic Road Runner, freaked out in fear, and ran away like a baby, never to come close again.

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