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Carlos Beltran rounding third. A welcome new sight.

Carlos Beltran rounding third. A welcome new sight.


Before we start a mutiny, let’s be patient. The smartest thing the Rangers did was get two hitters with some experience on them. They have been relying on too many hitters with little to no experience.

Profar and Mazara are just kids who are both essentially in their first years. As the season wears on, they have to be expected to wear down. They might have another hot streak or two in them. But they might not.

Best not to rely on kids in pennant races.

So, with the acquisition of Beltran and Lucroy, and the return of Choo from the DL, Texas should have three bona fide hitters with long resumes of production that they didn’t have this time last week.

That’s a huge upgrade of one third of the lineup.

It should make the lineup a lot more slump proof. Should. This is baseball, which makes no sense.

It’s true it hasn’t worked out yet.

The Rangers got just one run on Monday and just two last night. But the two RBI were from Beltran and Lucroy. And Choo is due back today.

Eventually the stalwarts will contribute again. The averages say it will click. And baseball is one thing: averages.

So the Rangers start August 0-2 after a July where they got off to one of their most miserable starts in team history.

But they are better now then they were then. They’ve lost two quality starts in a row. In July they weren’t getting anything close to quality from their starters.

The bats will come around.



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