Unable to do anything productive, Joey Gallo carries his bat back to the Rangers dugout after striking out.

There are only so many 1-0 shutouts a team can throw.

According to Evan Grant, the Rangers have scored exactly one run per game now eleven times. No other team in baseball can boast that.

Well, not exactly boast. Hide in shame might be the better way to say it. The offense is worse than anyone imagined before the season started. And it was expected to be bad.

This franchise needs a new approach, a totally new philosophy, on hitting. Last night they struck out fifteen times. There are only twenty-seven outs in a game. Fifteen times the batter walked back to the dugout, bat in hand, unable to perform even the most basic task of putting a ball in play.

That’s five innings worth of swinging and missing.

These players could hit in college, or wherever they played before they were drafted. Chances are, they were among the best hitters on their teams.

Somewhere along the line, they stopped being able to hit. That somewhere is is the Rangers system. 

Yes, offense is down all across baseball this year. But nowhere more so than with the Texas Rangers. Their team batting average is .214. Of the twenty-two players who have taken an at-bat this year for Texas, only nine are hitting above that horrid .214 mark. 

And only five are hitting above .250.

This isn’t an unfortunate blip on the radar. This is systemic franchise failure. Until they make wholesale changes, it’s not going to get better.

If you are a fan of strikeouts, you are going to love the Texas Rangers.


Opener vs. Jaime Barria (0-0, 3.38)