Falling into a pattern.

Michael Lorenzen gave up one run in six innings but the Rangers offense offered no support.

The Rangers have a pattern going. A good game, a bad game, a good game, a bad game. But that’s to be expected when you have no offense.

Another game, another time they scored just one run. That’s six games so far this season where they have scored one or fewer runs. While the Rangers blew the game in bottom of the seventh, they lost the game in the top of the seventh. They had two walks and two singles and failed to score.

Marcus Semien, who has the best batting average with men in scoring position in the American League, struck out with bases loaded and two outs to leave the game tied 1-1. Kansas City proceeded to show the Rangers what offense is like by scoring six runs in the bottom of the seventh. They hit singles, doubles, home runs. And did something totally foreign to the Rangers offense: stole a base.

That stolen base triggered the Rangers downfall.

It’s easy, and expected, to be frustrated with the Rangers in 2024. But, maybe when we realize they are being asked to something that has never ever been done before in the history of baseball, all Rangers fans can understand this is how it’s going to be this season.

No Bruce Bochy team has made the playoffs the year after it won the World Series. Didn’t happen in 2011, 2013, or 2015.

The baseball gods are trying hard to make sure it doesn’t happen in 2024.