False bravado. 26 comments

Rangers second baseman Rougned Odor said he liked the fact that the Rangers are going into the 2018 seasons as underdogs.

“I like when people say that. That makes us play better and play harder,” he explained.

Odor was, statistically, the worst player in major league baseball last season, and, historically, the worst player ever to have more than 30 home runs per season. So, his point of reference is skewed.

\Last year, as the season came to an end, and nobody wanted that second wild card slot, Rangers manager Jeff Banister had that same bravado. Don’t count us out. We are going to do this.

The Rangers proceeded to play horrible baseball and piss away any chance they thought they had.

Talk is cheap. I love Odor’s passion. But he can’t back it up. A .204 hitter should worry more about figuring out how to produce than strutting about how great his team is.