Finding room.

What do the Rangers do with Nick Solak? That seems to be the major decision this spring.

Since acquiring Solak from Tampa Bay last year, he has shown considerable skills with the bat, skills the Rangers desperately need.

Unfortunately, they have no place to play him.

Second is taken. Super utility is taken, and he’s really not that utile. DH is taken. Third is taken. Center isn’t a position one normally learns on the spot in the major leagues, although the Rangers did that with Gallo and Ian Desmond, since defense is just a pesky afterthought to this organization.

Of Rangers hitters in 2019, only two put up a higher OPS than Solak’s .884. Both were All-Stars. Gallo and Pence.

Only two hitters chalked up a higher OPS+ than Solak. That would be Gallo and Pence.

You have to get that bat into the lineup. That is going to be the challenge.