On a day of abysmal defense, Martin Perez makes an amazing behind the back snag.

There isn’t a more appropriate day than Easter to ask when the Rangers bats are going to be resurrected. No matter how good the pitching has been, and it’s been good enough to win most games, you can’t win scoring two runs per game, which is the Rangers average since those first two games that are now seeming further and further away.

It’s even worse when you don’t hit and you don’t play defense.

In one of the ugliest games the Rangers have ever played—ever, in a franchise of ugly—the Rangers committed five errors. Add that to the fourteen Cubs hits they allowed and you can see why they lost 10-3. You kind of wonder why the Cubs were able to score only ten runs.

Texas heads into the final game of three at Wrigley badly needing to figure things out. How to hit. How to catch. How to win again.

Actually, if they figure out the first two, they third should fall into place.

Oh, and they really need to learn how to forget yesterday’s game ever happened.