Shut out again.

Nathan Eovaldi took the hard luck loss, allowing the Cubs only two runs in 5.2 innings.

Should it worry anyone that seven games into the season the Rangers have been shut out twice? They were shut out three times all of last year. In 2021 they were shut out three times in their first ten games. They lost 102 games that year.

After coming hot out of the gate by scoring 27 runs in their first two games, Texas has scored nine in its next five.

Red hot Marcus Semien is batting .207. Red hot Corey Seager is hitting .240. Guys who jumped out to great starts the first two games have cooled off considerably. 

That need they had in the offseason for another bat is certainly showing up now. You can’t expect them to score thirteen runs a game as they did their first two games. But you should expect them to score more than two per game, and they haven’t been able to average that since the third game of the season.

Losing 2-0 was not the best way to start their road season. Today they face the Cubs prized pitching prospect Justin Steele. 

Let’s hope they have the mettle against Steele.