Gallo is back.

After getting a lot of different results back from his COVID tests, Joey Gallo finally got two negatives in a row and can now come back to the Rangers.

When you think about it, Joey Gallo is the star of this team. He may not be the face of the franchise like Elvis Andrus is, but Gallo is the can’t miss player in the lineup now.

It’s amazing what last year did for him. He was really on the fence before last year, mostly a failing hitter who was having trouble figuring it out.

He swung at anything, and usually missed. When he did hit it, it went out.

But last year something clicked. Mainly, his eyes. His ability to take a walk changed everything. If pitchers had to actually pitch to him, rather than just throw the ball anywhere in the zip code knowing he’d swing, then with his monster power he was going to be dangerous.

It’s all right there in the numbers. His on-base percentage his first four seasons was .317. Last season it was .389. Which means, what had been a .205 career hitter now became a very respectable .253 hitter.

Joey Gallo with power and bat control is scary.

He was on his way to an All-Star season when it was derailed by injury. Then, getting this season started was derailed by the virus.

Hopefully, he has truly turned that corner and can build on what he did last year. The Rangers need a legitimate star. Joey Gallo can be that guy.