Game 1: Dodgers 3, Astros 1. 306 comments

Justin Turner’s sixth-inning two-run home run was the difference in Game 1 of the World Series.


Ruth, Gehrig, Turner.

When you’re in the company of the greatest ever, you have accomplished something pretty remarkable.

The Dodgers Justin Tuner is among the top three hitters of all time in post-season history.

Babe Ruth’s career post-season OPS is an amazing 1.214. Lou Gehrig’s is 1.207. After last night’s game-winning two-run homer, Justin Turner’s OPS is now at 1.121.

With aces like Kershaw, Keuchel and Verlander dominating this World Series, runs will be a premium. That means, the outcome is going to turn on pure hitters like Justin Turner and Jose Altuve.

Whichever of the two has the better series, whichever gets the most clutch hits in key situations, will determine which team wins.

Right now, it’s Turner 1, Altuve 0.

Altuve has his work cut out for him. He’s not just battling the Dodgers, he’s up against the ghosts of Ruth and Gehrig.

If anyone is big enough to do it, Jose Altuve can.




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