Gas Can Sam strikes again. 119 comments

The face of failure.


Hey, look. Can you believe our luck? We just found a brand new can of gasoline. What should we do with it?

Oh, I know. Let’s light this match and stick it in and see what happens.



Wow, there goes my leg. Why does that always happen? Last time I did that, I lost a leg.

Hmmmm. Oh well. But because of that stupid explosion,  we didn’t get a chance to see what happened if you stick a match in that gas can. So, let’s see.

Surely it can’t be the same—


Oh, darn it. There goes my left arm. Dang. I needed that.  Oh well. Why does stuff like this always happen? All I am trying to do is light a can of gasoline, like this. Let me show you.


Dang it. My other arm.

Well, shoot. There go all my limbs.  How am I going to light this can of gasoline again and see what happens? Oh, I can fit the match in my mouth. That works.


Hey, what happened to my face? Didn’t I used to have a face? Why does bad stuff always happen to me? Let me just light this match and find out.