Gee, that was bad. 66 comments

Ugly baseball returned to Surprise.

In a spring that has seen a lot of bad baseball from Rangers Jerseys, last night’s game was perhaps of the worst.

It was 10-0 before the Dodgers allowed the Rangers two pity runs in the bottom of the ninth.

The Rangers failed on the mound, at the plate, and in the field.

Baseball’s worst defensive second baseman is rounding into mid-season form. Rougned Odor booted a ball and threw one away in the third, allowing three unearned runs to score. With every error, Odor proves his natural position is DH.

Errors aside, Dillon Gee didn’t do himself any favors in his quest to land a spot in the Rangers wide open rotation. With every start like this from a Ranger, the rotation is looking more and more dire.

And the Rangers managed just four harmless singles until Drew Robinson homered in the ninth.

This game shows the difference in quality between the best and the also-ran. Clayton Kershaw was masterful in six innings. Dillon Gee was not.

Let’s hope they leave the ugly in Surprise. There was enough last night to last until next spring.