Get used to mediocre.

Jose Trevino homers to put the Rangers in front early.

Every aspect of this team’s weakness was on display during this four-game fiasco against San Diego.

No offense. Sloppy defense. Bad bullpen. Thin rotation. Weak manager.

This team is getting worse by the season. And there isn’t a whole lot of talent in the pipeline to save the day.

The Rangers are now four years into irrelevance and there is not much hope on the horizon. While they have a few good prospects in the system, they don’t have the impact players. They don’t have anyone who you know will be a special player.

What we are seeing is what the Rangers are and what they will be for the foreseeable future.

The Rangers need a total transfusion, from ownership down. Until that happens, this team will be in a state of suspended animation. Just going through the motions of playing out the season. They won’t be the worst team. But they won’t be the best.

Reset your expectations accordingly. As Chuck Morgan would say, “It’s mediocre baseball time in Texas.”


Kolby Allard (0-1, 5.25) vs. Nick Margevicius (0-1, 3.14)