Getting closer.

Well, here we are. The final game in Surprise. Then two more practice games in The Shed. Then the season starts.

After last season’s sixty-game sprint, it will be good to get back to a 162-game marathon.

This spring revealed a few things.

One, Joey Gallo might have a monster season. Which is good and bad. Because the better he does, the more likely they are to trade him at the deadline. Then the Rangers will have no stars left.

Two, Odor can’t hit. That wasn’t revealed this spring. It was just confirmed again. And again. And again. But, he will be given all the opportunity this season to prove his ineptitude once again.

Three, this idea of a seven-man rotation will run the bullpen ragged. A seven-man rotation leaves only six pitchers in the pen. With the starters the Rangers have, they won’t be going deep into games. So those six arms are going to be taxed early and often. Uber drivers are going to be busy between Arlington and Frisco.

Four, we need patience. It’s going to be a long season. There will be a lot of losses. Just keep telling yourself, it’s baseball. And there’s nothing better than baseball. It would be nice if there were playoffs and maybe even a World Series at the end, but there won’t be. Not for many many years.

But you can’t go wrong with baseball.

So, let’s get these practice games over. Let’s get to the season. Let’s get back to a sense of normalcy.

Lose or lose, it’s almost baseball time in Texas.