Giving extra outs. 100 comments

David Price was cruising. It was the bottom of the seventh. His Blue Jays were leading 3-0. He had retired nineteen batters in a row.

Then the bottom fell out.

Actually, what fell was an easy pop up in the outfield that should have been caught by the second baseman but landed in innocently within everyone’s reach. (Where have we seen that before?)

Perhaps the Blue Jays recall what happens when you give a better team extra outs. (It should have been fresh in their minds.)

With the floodgates opened, the Royals do what they do so well. Hit and hit and hit and hit (and not strike out).

They scored five runs to turn the game around and take an unlikely two games to none lead on Toronto. It will be interesting to see what Kansas City does with a 2-0 lead.