Giving the offense a much needed day off. 1103 comments


The Rangers offense was given the day off yesterday.


The end was a surprise. The outcome certainly wasn’t.

The Rangers entered the game with an intentionally weakened lineup. It did what it was designed to do. It struggled.

The Rangers went out weakly in order in the first, second, third, sixth, eighth and ninth innings. And never really threatened in the game. They never sniffed a rally.

And they went out for good with a game-losing balk in the bottom of the ninth, the only run that scored in this effort of offensive futility.

The Rangers chose to play with a handicapped lineup and it, of course, resulted in being shutout.

Anthony Ranaudo matched zeros with Zach Grienke. But the Rangers offense couldn’t support him and he goes home with a brilliant no decision, thus proving that Mike Maddox has struck a deal with the devil this year. How else do you explain how this collection of mostly mediocre pitchers is doing what it has been doing?

Now they move on to Chicago where they face another truly exceptional pitcher. It will be interesting to see if they decide to play this one with one arm tied behind their lineup’s back as well.