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This spring don’t mean a thing if Josh ain’t got that swing.


Spring production is either glass half full or glass half empty.

If a player is struggling, and he is someone targeted to make the team, then it’s simply a matter of “spring stats don’t matter, he is just working on things.”

If a player is struggling and he’s not a favorite son, then suddenly “spring stats are sacred and this player just isn’t cutting it.”

Same thing in the other direction.

Producing and ticketed for the team? Then he is ready to go.

Producing and not in the plans? Then you can’t get too overly excited about spring stats

Such is the predicament of Josh Hamilton this spring.

If you like him and are rooting for him, then you interpret any news of him from Surprise much differently than if you don’t like him and are convinced he’s a waste of carbon.

With that in mind, here is an article from about Hamilton’s batting practice yesterday. Many of his hits were described as moon shots.

Your take on whether this is encouraging or a waste of time will depend on your thirst.