Glimmer of hope?

Taylor Hearn allowed seven earned runs over 3.1 innings against the first-place White Sox.

The teaching moments continue. Not just for the young players on the roster but for the front office creating that roster.

How far from good is this team? They just came off their worst series against the Astros, being outscored 34-4 in the three games they lost and 35-12 overall. The Rangers lost fourteen of nineteen games this year. They are thirty-three games behind the Astros.

Last night they were shutout 8-0 by the White Sox. They lead their division. The Rangers are 0-4 against Chicago this year, being outscored 27-12. 

That’s how far this team has to go to get good. That’s how far the Rangers have to go have playoff hopes.

It won’t happen over one off-season. It’s wishful thinking to imagine it happening over two or three years. That’s a ton of ground to make up.

But then, there is that little voice reminding you of 2015. Offering you hope. Which can be a most dangerous thing. 

In 2014, the Rangers finished in last, ending up thirty-one games out of first. The next year, 2015, they won the division.

But they had Beltre. And Choo. They don’t have anyone close to that now. 

It did happen, though. And one could make an argument it could happen again. But it would take a near miracle. Like it did in 2015. The Rangers were in dead last that year near the end of July but traded for Cole Hamels and things turned around. Of course, it helped that both the Astros and Angels collapsed. 

So, that is what the Rangers are going to sell their fans heading into 2022. It could happen. Because it did happen.

Yes, it could. If somehow they could get Beltre back.