An emotional Joey Gallo says goodbye to Rangers fans.

“Obviously, I’d love to stay here but it’s not up to me at the end of the day. I just want to say thank you to the Rangers if this is my last time, thank you to the Rangers fans, you guys have been great for me. I love you guys. And thank you (Emily), I appreciate it. I want to take the opportunity while I’m still here, but, it’s been amazing, but hopefully we can make more memories, and I don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to say thank you to everybody.”

Less than twenty-four hours later, Joey Gallo was traded. That was the last time. The memories of his three-run game-deciding homer still in the air. Of that canon-like arm nailing unsuspecting or unbelieving baserunners.

Gallo is now, of all things, a Yankee. He will be missed. Not just as a ballplayer but as a seemingly decent human being.

Thanks, Joey, for all the memories. It’s too bad one of the wealthiest franchises in one of the biggest markets in baseball wouldn’t find the money to keep you. But this team is not about winning. It’s about building prospects.

The Yankees are about winning.

Once the dust settles, we will see exactly who the Rangers got back. Is it a Andrus-Feliz-Harrison-Saltalamacchia-Beau Jones-like haul?

One can only hope. But in the meantime, so long, Joey Gallo. And thanks.