Dear Jon letter.

Joey Gallo bases a three-run homer in the fifth to give the hapless Rangers a 5-4 win over the more hapless Diamondbacks.

Dear Mr. Daniels:

Here are ten reasons not to trade Joey Gallo.

1: He is your only drafting success story in your sixteen years as the Rangers general manager. Keep him around for that reason alone. 

2: Of the position players, he is the only bona fide major leaguer on the roster. The 2021 Texas Rangers are Paul Bunyan and the seven dwarfs: Jittery, Sleepy, Sucky, Strikeouty, Gimpy, Bashless, Kiner-Falefa.

3: He is the only player on the team that can single-handedly win a game. Last night he threw a runner out at second, the threat of his arm prevented another run from scoring, and he hit the game-deciding three-run homer in the fifth. 

4: He is the only guy fans know. A team has to have a star to root for. Without Gallo, who is the hero? Nobody has a Lowe jersey. Nobody has a White jersey. Nobody has a Calhoun jersey. A lot of fans have Napoli jerseys and Young jerseys and Beltre jerseys. It’s pretty sad when the face of the Rangers is a player who retired long ago.

5: You will get fleeced in the deal just like you have been fleeced your entire career. Trading a dollar for four quarters never works. Look at your team’s record the past five seasons.

6: The Mark Teixeira trade was a steal, but that was long long ago. That was before opposing GMs figured out the value of rental players. That trade netted you key players for your two World Series runs. Every other player has netted you a team that has a losing record the past ten year.

7: You lost twelve in a row with Joey Gallo. It’s not hard to conceive you losing twenty or more in a row without him. You are lucky to play the Diamondbacks right now. After this series, though, it’s against major league teams. 

8: True, this team won’t be good or competitive until at least 2024. So, in the meantime, don’t just totally throw in the towel. You had a gift fall into your lap this past draft in Jack Leiter. With your record, you cannot expect to get that lucky again with the first or second pick next year. So, don’t think you can build from within. You can’t. Keep the only player you can build around.

9: Gallo wants to stay. Not a single Rangers fans wants you to stay.

10: Gallo told Emily Jones in a post-game interview last night that just in case this was his last interview as a Ranger, he wanted to thank Rangers fans for supporting him all these years. The guy is a class act. You are a village idiot. A team needs more class acts and fewer village idiots.